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How to use Universal Page Importer
How to use Universal Page Importer
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  1. Log into LanderBolt, navigate to the upper left corner and click "+Create New Page" - "Universal Importer". 

2. Provide the URL of  a landing page you'd like to import in the required field and provide the details for it, such as:

  • Page name* - it will appear on your dashboard in LanderBolt 

  • Category - you can provide a category for each page inside your account to organize.   

  • Domain* and Subdomain - create domain and subdomain first inside your Domains section.

  • Folder Name - you can provide a folder name for each page you create inside your account or you can leave it blank.

NOTE: the URL of the page should be provided in the proper format http:// or https://.

3. After you click "Create Page" you'll enter the "Basic Page Properties" of the page where you can proceed to "Page Editor" and edit it using Visual or Code editor.
If your page doesn't need and changes simply click "Save changes" and then "Publish". 

4. That's it! 

NOTE: If you want to change the domain or subdomain for an already published page you need to unpublish it first.

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