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Create your first landing page from Template
Create your first landing page from Template

Step by step guide for creating a landing page from a template

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  1. Log into LanderBolt and navigate to the "Templates" section using the menu on the left. 

You may also click  "+ Create New Page" in your account.

2. Select a template to use for your landing page from a library. There are templates for different offer types provided as "starter" ones (more blank state for your own designs). Click on "Select Template" to choose the one you like. 

3. Provide the details for your landing page such as the Name (to appear on your dashboard) and a domain. Click "Create Page".

4. Next you can proceed to Page editor and edit your template and then click Publish.

NOTE: If you want to change the domain for a particular page, Unpublish it first. 

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