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How to add a custom domain
How to add a custom domain

Step by step guide for adding a custom domain to your LanderBolt account.

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Adding a custom domain to your LanderBolt account is a required step for publishing your landing pages. Follow these simple steps to add a custom domain to your account.

1.First, log into LanderBolt and navigate to the 'Domains' page by clicking the button in the left menu. 

2. Provide your custom domain in the required field and click 'Add domain'. Do not include https:// or www.

3. After you click 'Add domain' you will see the message on your screen displays LanderBolt's 'Nameservers'. These must be configured on your domain registrar (where you bought your domain). 

We recommend buying domains from NameCheap (, but LanderBolt is compatible with all domains regardless of where they are purchased.

Below are step by step instructions for configuring your nameservers using our recommended registrar, NameCheap.

  1. Log into NameCheap at, and navigate to the Dashboard.

  2. Locate your domain from the Dashboard and click the 'Manage' button. 

  3. In the 'nameservers' section, click the dropdown and choose 'Custom DNS'.

  4. Fill in the two blank field with the two nameservers displayed in LanderBolt, which are and 

  5. Click the green checkmark icon in NameCheap to save your settings.

You are done! You have now configured a custom domain in your LanderBolt account and may publish landing pages to that domain.

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