To add a video to your landing page you may have to use the code editor to drop in a new embed code.

  1. Copy the embed code of the video inside the original landing page. 

2. Open the LanderBolt page editor and then click on "code editor" on the left to access the page's raw code. 

3. With the code editor open, use your mouse to click on the video from within the canvas. This should sort of "jump" the code editor window down to the exact line of code that needs replacing.

Or do this:
Put your copied embed code to some blank sheet and extract the part of it that has a video link (as example:, in the code editor press Ctrl+F and put  a4iqfssLaDQ inside, the editor will show you the exact line that needs replacing.

As you may see LanderBolt imported that video as a picture and all you have to do is to replace that piсture with an actual link to the video from the embed code.

4. Save and refresh!

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