If you use TrackRevenue to track and manage your affiliate campaigns, follow this guide to instantly publish your LanderBolt landing pages to your TrackRevenue account.

First, you must obtain your TrackRevenue API Key from your TrackRevenue account. Simply click the "help" icon at the top, then choose "Landing Page Integrations" and scroll down to API Key.

Next, we will paste that API key into the Integrations section inside LanderBolt. Simply paste the API Key in the TrackRevenue section.

All Done!

Now, whenever you need to publish one of your landing pages to TrackRevenue, simply click the "Publish To TrackRevenue" button from the "edit landing page" window.

Your landing page is now inside of your TrackRevenue account. When you make changes to the title or URL of the landing page inside of LanderBolt, the page is automatically synced and updated inside TrackRevenue

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