If you use Thrive Tracker to track your campaigns, follow this guide and save time by publishing and syncing your landing pages to your Thrive account.

First, you must obtain your API Key, API Secret, and Security Token from the "API Access" page in your Thrive account. Access this page by selecting "API Access" from the settings menu located at top-right. 

Next, we need to obtain our Thrive domain. This is simply the domain on which your Thrive tracker is installed. The easiest way to find this is to look at your URL bar in your browser when you are on the "dashboard" screen of Thrive.

For example, your URL bar might say: http://mythrivetracker.com/#/
In this case, your Thrive domain would be: mythrivetracker.com

Now that we have the necessary API information, we can easily set up LanderBolt to connect to Thrive. 

Access the "integrations" page inside LanderBolt and complete the necessary fields.

Click on the "Save" button at lower right to save those settings.

Now that you have provided the necessary API information, you can simply click on "Publish To ThriveTracker" from the edit landing page window.

Once published, your landing page will be sent to your ThriveTracker account and synchronized automatically. Changes you make to your landing page name or URL inside LanderBolt will be instantly updated for you inside your ThriveTracker account!

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