If you use FunnelFlux to track your campaigns, follow this guide to save time by publishing and synchronizing your landing pages to your FunnelFlux account.

1. First, obtain your FunnelFlux API Key and default domain from your FunnelFlux account by accessing the "system settings" page.

2. Access the "Integrations" page inside LanderBolt, and type in your FunnelFlux API Key and Default Domain in the two fields.

3. Click on the "Save" button at lower right to save those settings.

4. Now that you have provided the necessary API information, you can simply click on "Publish To FunnelFlux" when you are setting up your landing page properties!

When the "Publish To FunnelFlux" button is clicked, your landing page will be instantly sent to your FunnelFlux account. 

Your landing page title and URL will also be automatically updated in your FunnelFlux account whenever you make a change inside LanderBolt. 

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