LanderBolt has integrated with AdPlexity Native, allowing you to import any landing page to your LanderBolt account in just a few simple steps.

First, make sure you are logged into LanderBolt. If you are not logged in, simply visit 

Once logged into LanderBolt, you will need to access your AdPlexity Native account.

In AdPlexity, choose an ad you would like to view the landing pages for and click on it.

Next, click on the show more button from the landing pages section on the top right.

 Simply click on the import to LanderBolt button at the bottom.

You will be directed to a screen inside LanderBolt that asks you to provide the basic information about your new imported landing page.

Here's what each field means:

Title - Name your landing page. Appears on your LanderBolt dashboard.

Type / Vertical - (optional) Stay organized by providing an offer type here.

Domain - Choose one of your custom domains from the dropdown. Your landing page can be published to this domain.

Subdomain - Each domain in LanderBolt can have unlimited subdomains. If you have one, choose it here.

URL (optional) - You may further customize your landing page URL by providing a value here starting with a forward slash. (i.e. /page1).

Language (optional) - To help you stay organized.

Once you are done providing values for the fields, click import. LanderBolt will begin the process of importing your landing page from AdPlexity. This can take up to a few minutes.

When your landing page has imported, the screen will update with a thumbnail image of the page, and a new option will become available called offer URL.

Click the toggle switch next to Offer URL and provide a URL in the field. This feature is a link replacer. To save you time, it will automatically go through your imported landing page and replace every outgoing link with the URL that you provide.

When you are done, simply click Save and then Publish.

All done! Your landing page is now active and published to your domain. You may view your landing page by clicking view landing page, or check out our page builder tool by clicking on page editor.

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