If the visitors to your landing page are using an Android mobile device, you may want to activate the device vibration script to grab their attention as they enter. This can greatly increase your landing page performance. Learn how below.

First, you must access the 'Manage Affiliate Scripts' window for your landing page. Please see this article for assistance with accessing the affiliate scripts suite.

Next, click the toggle-switch next to "Device Vibration" to activate the script.

Upon activating the script you will see 4 different fields you can provide values in. Each field will take a number in milliseconds.

In the first field, you will determine how long your landing page should wait before making the visitor's device vibrate. Entering 2000 here would mean 2 seconds will elapse before the visitor's device begins vibrating.

The next three fields, which also will take a number in milliseconds, can be used to customize the vibration pattern. Each field determines how long the device should vibrate before a brief pause. For example, entering 1000, 2000, 1000, would mean that your visitor's device will vibrate for 1 second, then pause, then vibrate again for 2 seconds. then pause. and finally vibrate for another 1 second.

Customization of the vibration pattern in this way allows you to really catch your visitors attention with how their device feels when they enter your landing page.

After you have provided a value for all the fields. simply click 'save changes' at the bottom.

All done!

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