While very basic, an entry alert or popup on your landing page can be quite effective for increasing your visitors engagement. Use the instructions below to activate a timed entry alert on your landing page.

First, you must access the 'Manage Affiliate Scripts' window for your landing page. Please see this article for assistance with accessing the affiliate scripts suite.

Next, click the toggle-switch next to "Timed Entry Alert" to activate the script.

In the first field, message, simply provide the message that you would like to be displayed to your visitors after the set amount of time has passed.

The second field is the timer. Provide a number here in milliseconds (i.e. entering 2000 here would mean the visitor will be redirected after 2 seconds). Your landing page visitors will receive your popup message after the number of milliseconds entered.

If you are done activating, deactivating, and modifying scripts for this page click 'save changes' at the bottom.

All done!

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