LanderBolt members who are subscribed to the LanderBolt Professional plan have access to a suite of javascript tools which can be easily activated, modified, and de-activated on landing pages. Below are step by step instructions for usage of this powerful toolset.

To access the affiliate scripts suite for any of your landing pages. first navigate to your dashboard.

Once on the dashboard, simply click on the scripts button in the 'actions' column for the landing page you would like to use. (see screenshot below)

*The affiliate scripts suite is only available to Professional plan members and above. If you are on the LanderBolt Starter plan, you will be presented with a popup message and given the opportunity to upgrade your account.

Upon accessing the affiliate scripts suite, you will see a list of scripts that you may use on your landing page. To activate any of these scripts, simply click on the 'toggle switch'. 

Each script has some basic customization options that will appear after you activate it with the toggle switch. Please see the following support articles for information on the configuration and functionality of each script.

Once you have activated and configured your scripts, simply click 'save changes' to return to your dashboard. The scripts are now active on your landing page!

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