The ability to add custom sub-domains in LanderBolt is a powerful feature which allows you to take control of what is displayed in the URL bar for visitors of your landing pages. In order to create a sub-domain, you must have at least one custom domain. 

Follow the steps below to add and manage sub domains in your LanderBolt account.

1. First, navigate to the 'Domains' page in LanderBolt by clicking the menu item on the left.

2. Next, choose the domain you would like to add a sub-domain to, and click the "+" icon from the 'actions' column on the right.

3. Provide your sub-domain in the 'Sub Domain' field. It should be a single word, all lower case.

4. Click 'Save'.

You have now added a custom sub-domain to your LanderBolt account. This will help you further customize what is displayed in the URL bar for landing page visitors.

To view and manage the sub-domains you have created for any specific domain, simply click on the number displayed in the 'subdomains' column.

This will navigate you to the sub-domains management page, where you can view your existing sub-domains for this specific domain as well as add new ones, and delete existing ones.

All done! You now know how to add custom sub-domains to your account, and manage them as well.

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